Agencies want to offer relevant new services… Let’s show them how.

AGENCIES NEED TO OFFER Relevant New Services

I’m stopping in today with a sort of “call to arms” for all of the partner teams in our network.

I had a call with the CEO of a prominent SMM platform yesterday who mentioned to me he’s expecting agencies in sectors like hospitality to get hit very hard these next few months while dealing with the cutbacks from COVID. We’re hearing similar feedback from some agencies in our network who are losing revenue due to the business closers in retail, professional services, hospitality, and other sectors.

Here at, we try to get creative with our software partners every day by coming up with actionable new services to show agencies how to sell their solution.

Given the current economic conditions, agencies in certain sectors are being hit hard by reduced service retainers and non-existent pipeline.

One solution is new partnerships.

So, we’re trying to respond to desperate times by working with software providers to show these agencies:

How to offer clients [timely / relevant] new services (or optimizations to an exisiting service) using your solution. 

The ask for software providers who know their software can power said services is: 

If your software is seeing an uptick in usage for any vertical and use case, please let me or my team know so that we can highlight that use case to our agencies.  

This is an opportunity for you to create new partnerships by offering an example new/valuable way to use your solution during these times to find new clients, or keep existing clients: 

“Checkout how our agency-partners are using the platform right now to benefit their clients new needs.

And, here’s an offer from us to try out our tool with the intention of creating/selling this as a service in the future.” 

Some examples we are working on of ways agencies can stay relevant without changing their business, and even make additional revenue through setup/support hours: 

  1. Moving reputation marketing services from brick/mortar (like restaurants) to focusing them on home service-based businesses that are doing well now.
  2. Showing any client in any vertical how to run employee engagement and HR-Surveys using email/forms. 
  3. Virtualizing employee training using webinars. 
  4. Preparing for the post-corona bounce-back by building long-term SEO value from Pinterest optimization. 

None of these services are difficult for most marketing agencies, in particular, to implement for clients. And, they can all be the foundation for a new partnership. 

If you have any ideas, or just want to hear mine, I am opening up hours this week and next to chat and even record quick social posts with anyone who wants to share these use cases.  

Please grab some time at your convenience: 


Alex, Funder of


Here are some example agency services from our school:

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