Agency Partner Highlight! Y-VERGE

Agency partner review - y-verge

Here’s a very interesting look at an ecommerce partner who also does sales enablement, app development and content marketing… Check out Leon and why he has chosen his current partners:

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Agency Name: Y-Verge LLC
Founder: Leon Yeh
Employee Count: 2-10
Services: Sales Enablement, App development, CRM, Content Marketing, Integration Support

Current partnerships:

Drip, Shopify, Recharge Payments, Databox, Pipedrive

Tell us about the tools you partner with?

They are all great tools, great support team, and generous referral programs.

Do you get traffic or referrals from these partners?


Historically, what has made you decide to pass on partnership offers from tech companies?

Bad products, complicated referral tracking, difficult to work with…

Do you offer/sell Retainers?


Do any of these retainers require new software licenses for your clients?

Yes. They buy them directly through the referral link.

What are your most common or largest barriers to forming new technology partnerships?

We’ve had difficulty creating and selling retainers around those products, as well as dealing with their Partner Managers and their incentives are not worth the effort.

What are your hub saas tools today?

2drip, shopify, databox

What type of new software would benefit your goals most in the coming months/year?

Project Management