Agency-Partner Highlight: Hustler Marketing

hustler marketing

Agency Name: Hustler Marketing
Employee Count: 21-50 employees
Name and title: Bostjan Belingar – Owner
Country: Distributed
Agency URL:
Services: Email Marketing, Branding / Graphic Design, Content Marketing
Best Clients: eCommerce sites – SMB and enterprise.

Who’s in your stack now?

Asana, Slack, Klavio, G-Suite, Zoom, Shutterstock

Who are your current partners?

Klavio, Recart

Do you receive referrals from any partners?


Tell us about the tools you partner with and why?

We partner with klaviyo and get a loot out oof it because they invest in the relationship – they are interested in the agency – getting on calls – they can really help – move support tickets – access to beta testing – conference tickets – meeting their team at conferences

What has prevented you from partnering with software?

Lack of referrals from partners. The tools didn’t meet our clients’ needs.

Why have you passed on software partner offers in the past or chosen to leave former software partner programs you were affiliated with?

Clear Banc – credit to eCommerce companies – they offered a rev share and loans, but we when we sent them 15 referrals the clients did not like the company or relationships, so we stopped.

Do you sell retainers?


Do any of these retainers require new software licenses for your clients?

Yes, our email retainers almost always use Klaviyo.

Do you pay for software subscriptions that actually belong to the client?

No – but we’re considering doing some of this with Recart.

What type of new software would benefit your goals most in the coming months/year?

We’re looking for CRM with ABM features.

Do you white-label any of your services for other agencies?

Have done it in the past – will do in the future if it is a good fit