Agency-Partner Highlight: MashMetrics

Agency-Partner Highlight: MashMetrics

I had the pleasure of meeting Thomas recently. After hearing what his agency has been up to, and who they partner with, I know I had to ask Thomas to share with other agencies.

Thomas offers something very valuable to clients, but also to other agencies – his analytics reporting services. As an agency, you can lean on Thomas’s team to set up and support your client reporting needs. Here is more about his agency:

Agency: MashMetrics
Founder: Thomas
Agency size: 8 people
Agency services: SEO, PPC / SEM, B2B Lead Generation, SMM, CRM

Do you currently sell retainer services?


Who are your current Partners:

Databox, Keyword Hero, SuperMetrics, LeadFeeder

Do you ever receive referrals from your current partners?


What type of new software would benefit your goals most in the coming months/year?

Project Management

What are your largest barriers to saas partnerships:

  • Clients needs change too frequently,
  • Difficulty creating or selling retainers around those products,
  • Remaining unbiased / agnostic

Tell us why you have chosen to work closely with the software partners of yours?

While the commission is nice and allows us to resell at their cost, it is the partners that provide content marketing, lead sharing and more that really stand on top.

Do you white label any of your services for other agencies? If so, please tell us which and any other information we are allowed to share?

Yes, we offer our analytics services directly to our agency partners. We also assist them on an ongoing basis to assure they can start telling data stories themselves.

Why have you passed on software partner offers in the past or chosen to leave former software partner programs you were affiliated with?

Not enough offerings other than a simple monetary kickback. I would rather refer to clients and let them deal with the sale.