Agency-Partner Highlight: Proecho Solutions

Agency-Partner Highlight_ Proecho Solutions

Agency: Proecho Solutions
Founder: Salvatore J. Tringali
Country: USA
Agency URL:
Any other links:
Employee Count: 2-10 employees
Do you run Gmail for your business email? Yes
Services: SEO, PPC / SEM, SMM, Content Marketing, CRM Implementation / Integration, Branding / Graphic Design, Web or Mobile Development, Videography, B2B Lead Generation, Email Marketing
Best Clients: Any SMBs, Local Retailers, Professional Services

The Interview

Who’s in your stack now?

Sprout Social, WordStream, Hubspot, Shift, Adobe CC, Asana, MailChimp

Who are your current partners?

Sprout Social, Shift

Do you receive referrals from any partners?


How long after becoming a paid user did you decide to join your largest partners’ partner program?

0-3 months

Tell us about the tools you partner with and why?

As a young agency, having a program that provides industry and product knowledge, training, and support is critical. Additionally, white labeled infographics, data sheets, and other marketing collateral go a long way in supporting the sales process.

What has prevented you from partnering with software?

  • The upfront costs of joining their program,
  • The program is too new / underdeveloped,
  • The program setup is just too complicated

Do you sell retainers?


Do any of these retainers require new software licenses for your clients?

Yes, for user licenses, profiles used (social accounts)

Expected ANNUAL revenue from your partners?

$10,000 – $50,000 / year

Do you pay for software subscriptions that actually belong to the client?

Yes. I build the pricing into the contract for the monthly fees for each service.

What type of new software would benefit your goals most in the coming months/year?

Analytics Dashboards

Do you white-label any of your services for other agencies?

Yes. Primarily PPC & Display advertising.