Agency Partner Highlight – Rally Marketing

Agency partnership

Today I spoke with a co-founder of one agency I thoroughly enjoy seeing content from.

Rodney is the co-founder of Rally Marketing with his wife and adopted puppies. They offer a ton of humanity to their clients, but the know-how on tactics to ensure results.

Rodney has one key partnership and one he deems as ‘building.’ But he is positioned for growth so take notice partner teams…

Agency name: Rally Marketing
Owner: Rod Hess
Employee Count? 13
Current Partnerships: ActiveCampaign, loomly
Agency URL:
Services: SEO, PPC / SEM, SMM, Content Marketing, Graphic Design, Copywriting
Current partnerships: Active Campaign, Loomly
Referrals from Partners? No

Tell us about the tools you partner with and why you have chosen to work closely with these solutions?

Initially, it was value for money with Active Campaign. Now, we are still on because of the support and training, the partner portal and the continual expansion of their native integrations. Scratching Rally’s back by inviting Rod on stage in NYC recently‚Ķ was huge.

Why have you passed on software partner offers in the past or chosen to leave former software partner programs you were affiliated with?
I met some platform reps in NYC who tried to pull me off of Active Campaign. They complimented me and really made me feel good every time I saw them.

We’ve been in comm for a while and they are always engaging well with us.

The decision now is to remain with Active Campaign for product and relationship reasons, but the attention and care they seem to be ready to provide is appealing.

Do you currently sell service retainers? Yes

Do any of these retainers require new software licenses for your clients?

We only have a few clients who we onboard into Active Campaign, but almost all of them onboard in Loomly. Most of our retainers are around services like branding/content/SMM which we do not currently create new accounts in software for or refer to software as a requirement to start.

What are your largest barriers to partnerships with tech?

Difficulty creating or selling retainers around those products.

What is your current tech stack?

Active Campaign, Loomly, Asana (but switching RaveTree), SendInBlue, MailShake, Leadfeeder, Sales Navigator.

What type of new software would benefit your goals most in the coming months/year?

Project Management

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