Agency-Partner Highlight: Six & Flow

Richard Wood

Agency-Partner Highlight: Six & Flow

UK, 21-50 Employees

  • Is a G-suite user
  • Receives referrals from partners
  • Sells services under a retainer
  • White Labels

Current services

  • Chat / Customer Support,
  • PPC / SEM,
  • CRM Implementation / Integration,
  • CRO / Landing Page Dev,
  • Sales Consulting


Current Stack

Drift, Hubspot, Vidyard, Databox.


Drift, Hubspot, Vidyard, Databox.

why do you partner with these providers?

They get involved in every level of our business:

  • How to sell Hubspot.
  • Pricing models for our agency.
  • Recruitment.
  • They’re in our Slack channel.

Drift has been an integral part of our growth as we’ve built services on top of their chat solution. As we grew our client-base, we created more Drift accounts and put pressure on them to speed up the Drift partner program development. They have been amazing for us because they co-market and are also using some of our event-marketing strategies.

Why do have you avoided partnerships in the past?

  • The upfront costs of joining their program

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