Agency-Partner Highlight: Synx

Synx agency highlight

If you haven’t met Charles or seen some of his work, you are missing out.

Charles is a masterful integration and automation specialist. He’s a Hubspot pro, but his agency can do a whole lot more than set up a Hubspot account or campaign…

Contact Charles if you believe his services would help your clients!

Let’s meet Charles:

Agency Name: Synx
Founder: Charles McKay
Size of the agency: 2-10

Who’s in your stack now?

Hubspot, Accelo, Pandadoc, Xero, Slack, Google Apps

Current Partnerships:

Hubspot, CallRail, Vidyard, Wistia, Seventh Sense, WP Engine,

Tell us about the tools you partner with and why?

We deliver what we sell from end to end. This means we rely on partnerships.

Do you receive referrals from any partners?


Why have you passed on software partner offers in the past or chosen to leave former software partner programs you were affiliated with?

It’s typically alignment and the program being too underdeveloped.

Do you sell retainers?


Do any of these retainers require new software licenses for your clients?

Databox, Hotjar, Cradle (on top of Hubspot)

What type of new software would benefit your goals most in the coming months/year?

Project Management

Do you white-label any of your services for other agencies?

No, and we partner with other agencies but do not white-label.