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Buy and manage subscriptions on behalf of clients.

Category: Subscription Management

The offer from AppBind: 1% PLUS PAYMENT NETWORK COSTS! No setup, monthly, or hidden fees. Pay only for what you use. Clear, transparent fee reporting.

Use AppBind to build better partnerships.

Automatically track and securely expense all future charges to your client from a single pane of glass.

Unblock your projects

Why wait for clients? Buy subscriptions when you need them.

You're the expert

You know what you need. Buy the tools to help your clients.

Add your mark ups

Add your management fees for any service you sell through AppBind.

More referral fees

Guarantee lead registrations when you sign up on behalf of clients.


“When software vendors and their partners fight for who controls the customer, no one wins, least of all the customer.”

Sunir Shah
— CEO of AppBind

Simple pricing so you make more money

We charge a flat rate plus the cost of the payment network.