Between Two Partner Programs – Vetting New Platforms for Partnership

Partner Programs Review

And we’re back with another segment of In Between Two Partner Programs where we hope not to get sued while discussing saas partner programs we are actively-researching or using.

Back with me on this is Alex Zachman, CEO of One North Collective – a partner of Bronto, Voxy, Pendo, Fullstory, Qualtrics, Adroll, Drip, Justuno,, hotjar, Core DNA, Engine Ecommerce, and Taxjar.

Alex knows partnerships and partner vetting. And he’s a great guy. Therefore, he’s my co-host on this show.


What you’re looking for?

A Headless CMS (according to Wikipedia) – “a headless CMS is just the content component and focuses entirely on the administrative interface for content creators, the facilitation of content workflows and collaboration, and the organization of content into taxonomies.”

– A resource for Headless CMS’s:

Why Headless?

When you have a decoupled CMS, the database lives elsewhere from the frontend and the two are connected via APIs. We want flexibility and security with all of our larger site builds. 5G is also here, which means we are going to consume the internet faster than ever.

What do you look for on their partner page (incentives etc… if any)?

First, I navigate to the blog first to make sure they have a lot of actionable content to help me sell them as a CMS. Then, I look to agency-social-proof – case studies and current partners. Sometimes I will look at their clients and their BuiltWith profiles to see what they run. This helps me understand who they compete with and if they are in the right bucket.

Next, I need to easily find their partner program page. If it’s not listed in the footer at least, I may bounce out at that moment because I HAVE to be partnered with my headless CMS to ensure I have that relationship level to support my million dollar clientele needs.

What do you do first when you want to engage a platform from the angle you need – wanting to build a relationship?

I go to LinkedIn first and see if I know anyone there. If I do not, I head to their partner page. If it’s form-friendly, I will fill out the form there.
One issue I have had if I go through the demo funnel is when I get stuck in the sales loop and they don’t pass me off to a partner manager when that’s who I should be talking to.

What do you ask about on calls (related to how they work with agencies)?

* Note – with the CMS relationship, I am not looking for a vendor relationship, I am looking to start a partnership.
That being said, here is where I go with the CMS discussions:

Do we see eye-to-eye on business and the relationship?
Do you expect me to bring you leads before I bring you leads?
Who owns the client relationship?

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