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The offer from Brex:
Grow your client base and help quickly unlock valuable customer budget with Brex’s modern underwriting, high limits, and best-in-class rewards program.

Why partner with Brex?

Join our agency partner program to unlock valuable budget and tools for your clients while growing your business.

Improve client experience

Brex’s modern underwriting offers customers a corporate credit card with the highest limits and no fees or founder guarantees required.

Win new and larger deals

Brex offers customers interest-free customers credit lines ranging from 50-100% of monthly sales, which can be a critical way to quickly unlock valuable budget when prospecting new clients.

Grow your business

Use our partner directory to market your services to the thousands of fast-growing brands on Brex.

Brex Partner
Brex Partner

"Brex is a great solution for both eCommerce and tech businesses. It unlocks additional spending power with virtually no downside. Accessing credit through Brex can also prevent equity dilution or extend your runway before a next fundraise. Not to mention, they make it quick and easy."


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