Building Agency MRR: How to Move from Selling Time to Selling Value with Jessica Minasian

Jessicas minasian

Do you want to focus on selling value, more than just selling your time? Jessica Minasian can help.

Jessica is a Preferred Marketo partner, the Founder of Magnetic Hype, an automation consulting agency, and an overall expert on selling retainers. She also is a charismatic corporate trainer who has worked with over 250 teams and companies to propel success through Executive Sales Tracks.

We teamed up with Jessica to put together a 14 day play-by-play to help you sell better retainers.

Jessica’s Class Teaser

In this course, Jessica provides a 14 day play-by-play for getting better retainers and moving from selling your time to selling your value! Get strategy tips on:

  • Initial Meetings
  • Buzzwords/Phrases
  • Follow-Ups
  • Conversation Milestones
  • 4 Ways to Wow at the End

Her actionable insight will help you qualify leads and get more out of initial meetings, teach you what buzzwords and phrases you should include, and why a solid follow-up SOP is crucial for keeping the sales process rolling.

Jessica’s lesson with us doesn’t just end there. She’s in-tune with various conversational milestones and how you can seize the moment when they occur, as well as her four biggest tips on how to “wow” a client.

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