Building Agency MRR: Optimizing Partnerships Through Alignment & Co-Marketing with Gabriel Marguglio

Meet Gabriel Marguglio, he’s the CEO of Nextiny Marketing, an inbound and video growth agency, and an expert in the field of co-marketing and taking partnerships between agencies and software companies to the next level. He’s also a top reseller of Hubspot (Gold-certified), Databox, and was also the first to become a Wistia Platinum Partner in the United States.

We sat down with Gabriel to share the proven lessons he’s collected through years of co-marketing trial and error. He wants to help you bring in more MRR by strategically aligning with your partners, and this section of our Agency MRR Course is going to be perfect for agencies who want to get more referrals.

Teaser for Gabriel’s class

He outlines how his closest partnership alignments work and ways you can create similar relationships with the software you already use, including real-life examples of the on-going content he’s created with partners and the benefits that have come with that over time.

His story about one of his closet partners, Wistia, shows how their relationship blossomed and gives an inspiring and fascinating look into the unique ways he found to align with them.

Along with Wistia, Gabriel discusses how his “sticky stack” all plays into an overall strategy to further amplify MRR, with SaaS companies like HubSpot being the anchor and other partners like CallRail, DataBox, and Seventh Sense making up a full stack which can be sold as one package to a client.

Join Gabriel for his incredible discussion around:

  • How co-marketing helps build the relationship with your partners and the benefits it may have down the line.
  • How starting Nextiny’s “coffee talks” series created a referral snowball effect by creating content with partners and building yourself up as a thought leader.
  • What a full stack looks like, including a CRM, marketing automation, chat features, reporting/analytics, and video.
  • The strategy around integrating a Hubspot partnership into your stack.
  • Managing ongoing retainers based on the customer’s needs and not shaping them around Hubspot.
  • How to deal with licenses, purchasing software in bulk, and referral credits.

For taking this class, you will receive:

  • The entire Presentation [PDF]
  • Nextiny’s Stack
  • Optimizing Partnerships Through Alignment & Co-Marketing Class [Video]

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