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Learn how to run a high ticket content creation service that’s fully-white-labeled using the right signals.
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Here's what you need to know about this circle

This circle was created by the team at Partnerprograms using three partners when we realized how amazing they can be when combined to power a content creation process.


Gather Intent Data

It starts with intent data (what your clients’ prospects are doing online).  This export comes via CSV and then we’ll show you how to pull out intent signals that can be keywords for content from this export.


Run Content Briefs

Then, those keywords get turned into content briefs which are essentially the research a writer needs to produce an SEO’d article on the topic without having known anything about it.


Order Writings

Finally, the content goes into production using a platform that automates much of the process using their vetted writers and white-labeled dashboard. It’s surprisingly easy, but incredibly valuable.

Here are the instructors:

Circles are always instructed by at least two representatives of the software and an agency who you can refer to for help. All contact info for these individuals is found in the course linked below:


Tukan Das

CEO, LeadSIft


Natalie Robinson

Senior Manager, Partnerships


Lance Muranaga

VP, Abacus Agency

matt hurley

Matt Hurley

Director of Growth, Frase

Learn how to setup, sell and support this new service!

The course is free in the community – so you will be directed there where you will find support from the moderators and other agencies;