Cradle partner program

Partner With Cradle

Category: VOIP for Hubspot Agencies

The offer from Cradle:
Extended Trial for agency clients.
Agencies get heavily-discounted access to Cradle.
Help getting custom setup for each customer.
Sales support to help sell the value of Cradle and HubSpot.

Who is ideal for a Cradle partnership?

Agencies that are less marketing oriented, and more focussed on all-of-business HubSpot implementations. Especially businesses that are selling to B2B customers with around 30-100 staff.

Especially agencies that have a specialty in Service Hub implementations but find the lack of full service calling within HubSpot frustrating.

Hubspot Bi-Directional

Tight integration with the agency-leading CRM. Search and call HubSpot contacts in Cradle.

Better Communication

Directly route clients to their point of contact or team

Everything is Logged

Whether it's email, chat or phone, it's all logged automatically in HubSpot

Get the best Hubspot VOIP option for agencies and your clientele!