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Flock is offering you a PRO account FREE for 1 year for your team + 20% commission for all PRO referrals!

Flock messenger organizes all your team’s conversations, productivity tools and app notification in one place. So your team can always focus on what they do best!

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Why Choose Flock

  • Easily communicate and collaborate within your entire team. Use channels for group discussions, inbuilt productivity apps like To-Dos, Notes, Reminders to make sure you’re always on top of your work!
  • Invite any clients, vendors, agencies as Guests to your Flock team. Share files, assign tasks, brainstorm and keep your team and them on the same page always!
  • With our built in video calling app, conduct 1-1 or group video calls with screen share with just a click of a button.
  • Integrate your favourite apps and get all app notifications in channels or directly to you. Be informed and take charge at any time!

Flock vs Slack

Flock offers more powerful messaging features, inbuilt productivity tools, and easy-to-use apps for 1/3rd the price of Slack.

Why Agencies choose Flock

Work with freelancers, vendors and agencies? Add them as guests on Flock to explain your marketing objectives and goals.

It's so Easy

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You have a year of free use as an agency in this program. Enjoy it 🙂

Flock is offering you a FREE account for one year!

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FA Questions

What is Flock?

Today, your team’s communication is probably scattered across emails, meetings, video calling apps, and productivity tools. Flock organizes all your team’s conversations, apps and tools in one place, so you can focus on the things that matter – getting work done faster.

What are the features of Flock “Pro”? 

Flock’s Pro plan with feature upgrades and enhanced admin controls works perfectly for small and medium businesses.

Unlimited Messages & Search History

Send and receive unlimited messages, create as many channels as you want, and search all message history.
Unlimited Audio & Video Calls

Place as many audio & video calls as you want – with unlimited call duration and up to 20 users in a group call. Plus you can use screen-sharing in video calls.
Unlimited Apps & Integrations

Your team has access to all native apps such as Notes, Polls, Drawer etc., and all third-party integrations from the Flock App Store.
Upgraded File Storage

Get 10GB of storage space per team member for file sharing.
Invite Guests

Invite guests – external collaborators, vendors, and clients – to Flock so you can work together seamlessly and get things done faster. You can invite an unlimited number of guests.
Unlimited Process Automation

Automate processes using as many process templates and template runs as you need
Enhanced Admin Controls

Set up unlimited auto-join and can-join domains for your team i.e., members signing in with an email address from these domains can be automatically (or optionally) added to your team.
Add multiple team admins, control who can add users to the team, manage file sharing permissions, and block certain domains.
Create multiple Announcement channels that every team member is automatically added to.
Custom Fields & Smart Channels

Simplify channel management with unlimited Custom Fields, User Groups, and Smart Channels.
Priority Support & Uptime Assurance

Need help? Pro teams get priority support and an assurance of 99.9% uptime.
Our Fair Billing Policy

You are billed only for active users in Flock each month. If a user is inactive for a monthly billing cycle, we automatically extend the validity of their Pro license by 30 days.