Gainapp Partner Program

Add value and stickiness to your content and SMM retainers using Gain App!

Partner:  Gain App, Asset Management

The offer from Gain:

20% of every sale made (within the first 12 months)

Why partner with Gain?

Boost retention and MRR at once with better asset management!

  • Clients can preview, leave feedback, and approve content from any device.
  • Preview all content ready for feedback and approval on one page.
  • Send clients automatic reminders to sign off on your work.
  • Upload any content your team creates, including: blog posts, presentations, ads, videos, and more.
  • Keep brand-specific files together for easy previewing and approval.
  • Connect Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and more.
  • Safely store all your files for each client in one place.
  • Decide who approves content first, last, and everywhere in between with flexible Approval Workflows.
  • Send content automatically to the next person for review.
Gain Partner Program

“My time is mine again to do with what I like. Whether it be a vacation or just a day, I can schedule my work to be posted, and trust that Gain will do the job right.”

— Pam E. | Owner/Operator

Fix your client's content workflow for just $99 per month!