Growing Channel Revenue by Connecting Agency Partners w/ Cory Snyder

How to leverage and enable your active partners.

Cory Snyder and I got together to hash out what is necessary to grow revenue within an agency-channel. 

Cory is Head of Director of Global Channel Sales at Active Campaign where he oversees his channel team and 6000+ partners.

One thing Cory has learned in over 10 years of growing channel revenue is how to generate more revenue from the partners you have.

In this discussion, we articulate the premise of large agencies contracting and white labeling smaller agencies to ensure they keep clients happy and are the ‘experts’ on new/tactical. In those circles, your software can be rolled up into the large agencies stack.

But if your team isn’t enabling the smaller agency to be that source of penetration, then you will not be rolled up.

Special shoutout to Rod Hess and Rally Marketing who we refer to as an example in the full episode:

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