Guide to Building Reseller and Referral Partner Programs

By Rachel Jacobs,
VP of Agency Partnerships, Partner Programs

Building a Successful Reseller Partnership Program

As a SaaS company, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for creating the perfect partner program. It requires a lot of trial and error, iteration, and patience.

Before you start building a reseller partner program, you should factor in the overall company vision, short and long term goals for the business, and also the internal resources you have available. If your reseller partner program doesn’t align with these factors, go over the program details with company leadership or use resources like and make adjustments until it aligns.

Determining how to align a reseller program with your business goals is just the first of many steps in building a successful reseller partnership program.

There are 14 things you need for building a successful reseller program:

Value Proposition— Defining a value proposition means letting people know exactly what they can expect to get out of your partner program. 

Target Audience — It’s essential that you understand the sales process from the customers perspective. Outline what steps are involved and what needs to be done at each stage of the sales process.

Competitor Research— Understand how your competitors are connecting, engaging and communicating with their customers, as these could be your customers.

Partner Profiles — Identify and define the type of partners that may be relevant to your business and choose partners according to the value they bring to your customers.

Success Framework— Create a framework that will help your partners understand how you define a successful partnership (which should be heavily focused on sales).

Key Motivators — Define what motivates your partners and what actions you need to take to help your partners – education to increase knowledge base, sales activities, software, support.

Download the PDF to see the other 7 checklist items!

9 Success Factors for your Referral Partner Program

Customers First — Every investment you do should ultimately benefit the customer.

Regular Communication Make sure you speak to partners regularly to give them the support they need to be successful.

Measure Progress Ongoing iteration is the key to a successful referral partner program.

Ongoing Support — With technical and sales assistance to help them grow their business.

Download the PDF to see the other 5 tips for creating your reseller program!

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Reseller Program

Iteration — A successful partner program demands constant iteration, engagement, and improvement.

Clarity — Make sure that you clearly define what you expect from your partners.

Location — Take governmental, financial and cultural differences into account when building a new reseller partner program.

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