How It Works

Best partner programs for agencies

Step 1: Partnering

Our team vets top partnership opportunities for our agency audience.

Not every tech partnership looks the same for agencies. The consistencies that make a great partnership opportunity are:

  1. Your solution supports one or more services the agencies sell.
  2. Your partner incentives go beyond referral fees.
  3. Your product works.

Step 2: Circle discovery

We get creative and come up with “Circles” where our tech partners’ solution is powering a service agencies can sell. Here are some examples:

  • A full-funnel PPC retainer using Unbounce and CallRail.
  • A content creation workflow using Frase and Verblo.
  • An SMS appointment setting service using YetiText and ActiveCampaign.
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Step 3: Course recording

We record some content showing agencies how to setup, sell and support a service on top of our tech partners’ solution.

Most courses are 3-6 classes, 15 minutes per class, and involve someone on your team, our team and an agency from your network or ours (to provide that use case testimonial).

Step 4: Matchmaking

Finally, we match our agency partner with the right software and support them in their journey to build and sell new services with that partner.

Here’s the founder of Influence Agents who adopted the Circle shown above stating how happy is is to have found us.

Tech Partners

If you are interested in working closely with us to enable agencies to be your successful partners, let’s chat:

Agency Partners

We highlight top agencies to tech leaders and help you build MRR using with amazing partnership offers:


"We just had a new customer through Partner Programs' retail agency promotion! He signed up right away for a $149/mo $2k LTV account. Appreciate you PP!"

Matt Ronay
Partnerships at Gazella
mike mcdermott

“I found a couple of new partnerships from – our clients do not want to deal with management of all their various software products."

Mike M.
CEO of Bashfoo Agency

"Alex was excellent. He helped me understand a creative approach to developing our strategic partnerships which I will implement in our saas."

CMO, Hippo Video