How to choose the right SaaS partners to scale your agency w/ David Lewis

David Lewis att DemandGen

David Lewis is the CEO of DemandGen. David partners with over a dozen tools currently, and has leveraged saas partnerships to scale his agency to be one of the largest and most respected in B2B Marketing. 

  • David coined the terms “Demand Gen”
  • He wrote the #1 book on Lead Management called Manufacturing Demand

In this discussion, David answers:

  1. What is your current saas stack?
  2. Who in it are considered your ‘partners’?
  3. What does it mean to “partner” with saas?
  4. David’s process of choosing new partners?
  5. How David would setup incentives if he were behind an agency partner program?
  6. GTM and Co-Marketing with partners?
  7. How David co-markets with their partners?
  8. How events have been organized and collaborated on between the DemandGen team and key partnerships?
  9. As ad advisor, what do you recommend to your software companies around partnerships and channel strategy?