In Between Two Partner Programs – Blip and

Partner Programs Review

This is a new segment where Alex and Alex review new partner programs. It’s clearly a spoof on the popular youtube series… so here we are. Apologies for the greenscreen fade – still working the kinks out.

What you can always expect in these segments is:

  • Discuss current working partnerships.
  • Review new programs they are experimenting with.
  • And feature a new saas they believe has partner-potential.

Who is Alex Zachman? Alex is CEO of One North Collective – a unique marketing agency with a team of researchers helping Mid-Market companies create scalable systems.

Alex’s Stack and Partners:

Pantheon, CoreDNA, SuiteCommerce (Oracle), Bronto, Frase, TaxJar,, JustUno

Programs discussed:

  • Along with its Qualtrics integration

New saas:


Cassidy/Chloe – Blip

Chris – Fullstory

Andrew – Pendo

Matt – Gazella

Stefani – Pantheon

Dan – Reveal Mobile

Lee Hadsock – TaxJar