Up to 20% lifetime revenue share for agencies
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Metrilo is an ecommerce growth platform combining analytics, CRM & email marketing. It integrates seamlessly (no developers needed) with Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce to help your brand grow through data and customer retention.

About Metrilo And Growth

Metrilo’s analytics provide instant marketing and sales insights, enabling you to keep performance under control and optimize in real time. Where should you spend the marketing budget? Which channel has the highest LTV? When are customers likely to buy again? Which products stimulate the most repeat orders? Data will reveal untapped opportunities for growth.

In addition, Metrilo automatically tracks everything customers do on a brand’s website, giving you tons of behavioral data to tailor marketing on. The integrated email tools let you drive engagement and long-lasting customer relationships directly from the same platform. Metrilo helps brands grow with data and customer retention.

Partner agencies or consultants get to run multiple clients with one account, saving time on monitoring and optimizing performance. Increased efficiency will enable you to take on more clients without compromising the results.

  • Increase customer loyalty & repeat buyers with our Retention analysis.
  • Monitor the customer journey & get to know every customer.
  • All-time data made accessible and usable with an integrated communication tool.

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Up to 20% lifetime revenue share for + A free month trial for your clients!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do partners get paid?

Revenue share is paid out quarterly.

How do partners get paid?

At the end of each quarter, your revenue share is calculated and paid out via PayPal or bank wire.

Is the commission recurring? If so, for how long?

Unless otherwise stated, commissions last for the lifetime of the account.