This program is meant to help prove partner program viability, support GTM strategy for the program partners, then go after

Partner program proof of concept

Napkin Math:
[1-3 months of recruitment] 
[~$5,000 USD avg. on recruiting fees]
[ 2 Month wait while they transition] 
[1-3 months training] 
[~$30,000 USD avg. salary for 3 months]
[3-12 months testing/building]
[~$90,000 USD avg. salary for 9 months]

= 9-17 months + $125,000 USD

The background:
Over the past three years, the team who helped run our former agency, along with the team powering our platform, and now the group behind have taken hundreds of calls and meetings with agencies who are eager to build/sell more services on top of stable tech partnerships.

But, the ecosystem is enormous and the best partner programs often never get found and formed.

The data we’ve extracted from those agency interviews has led us to the formation of this company and has continued to be the key to our success of our model.

Now, we’ve made the decision to work closely with SaaS teams beginning their journey to the best possible partner program with agency partners at the core by opening up our process. 

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In short, here's what this program delivers


Discovery of the initial 'power partners' - what we call those partners who are eager to share their experience, willing to work closely, on brand, and positioned well to spearhead your program initiatives with you in return for added incentives.


Gathering agency feedback on product-features, incentive structure, and types of services agencies can sell on your solution. As we gather and digest answers you access real-time Airtable reports and charts.


And, we will find the best use case where an agency is successfully-selling a service on top of your solution and create content with this Power Partner(s) showing other agencies how to do the same - to build services on top of your solution.

Pricing for the Partnerships Analysis

Program-Market Fit Analysis

To determine viability and setup your program for success!

$4995 for all of this:

This program is designed to get your team the data you need to create the right program for the right agencies [quickly], as well as the enablement content to start gaining traction.

50 detailed surveys from agencies
Complete feature analysis from agencies
Ideal agency persona profile
A custom course to teach a use case
Incentives structure based on data
Our viability analysis

"We just had a new customer through Partner Programs' retail agency promotion! He signed up right away for a $149/mo $2k LTV account. Appreciate you PP!"

Matt Ronay
Partnerships at Gazella
Tyrone Lingley

"Alex and I have worked on several projects to date. He has worked tirelessly to become a linchpin connecting SaaS companies and digital agencies to the shared value that partnerships create. His deep knowledge of the agency-saas dynamic and his ability to quickly/creatively set things in motion make him invaluable to work with."

Tyrone Lingley
Director of Partnerships, Unbounce
mike mcdermott

"I found a couple of new partnerships from – our clients do not want to deal with management of all their various software products."

CEO of Bashfoo Agency


Your analysis team - just a bunch of partnerships enthusiasts ☺️

Alex_Glenn (4)

Alex Glenn

Founder, Lead

Alex has built partner programs for martech and marketplaces alike for over a decade as a consultant and VP of Marketing. is exactly what he missed in his experience.

clodagh higgins

Clodagh Higgins

Agency Relations

Clodagh has consulted & coached hundreds of agencies in the HubSpot Agency Partner Program, both in APAC & EMEA to help them to navigate the new world of Inbound Marketing & Sales while maximizing their return on investment of their marketing automation software.


Alex Zachman

Senior Analyst

Alex leads our research projects. He's former Policy Analyst for General Assembly and N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, as well as Hollings Scholar for The National Oceanic & Atmospheric.

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