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The Partner Programs Podcast

In 2020, the world you may know as “Channel” will change. This is brought on by the:
– Increase in new cloud-based software products coming to market.
– Betterment and ease of onboarding into these new products.
– Changes in agency-client relationships.
– And much more.

But despite these changes to the channel, partner sales strategy is going to be more and more of a requisite for new software companies to scale.

In this podcast, we showcase interviews and learnings from those on both sides of the partnership – both agency and software.  

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  • How Hawke Media uses salesperson matchmaking to ensure partner success
    Hawke Media is one of the most successful and streamlined agency organizations ever. They partner with over 100 software providers - each one is a true partnership (mutually beneficial). To help us all understand how Hawke Media approaches partnerships today, I've recorded with Ashley Scorpio (VP of Partnerships at Hawke) to help us all understand […]
  • How a Prominent Marketing Agency Makes the Business Case to Partner with SaaS
    Today's discussion will help both sides of the partnership understand how to approach the decision to partner: For Channel / Partner Managers - you are going to hear what it take to get into a prominent agency's stack and onto their services page. For other agencies - you are getting a playbook on how to […]
  • How to choose the right SaaS partners to scale your agency w/ David Lewis
    Watch the video of this episode here >>> David Lewis is the CEO of DemandGen. David partners with over a dozen tools currently, and has leveraged saas partnerships to scale his agency to be one of the largest and most respected in B2B Marketing.  David coined the terms "Demand Gen" He wrote the #1 book […]
  • What constitutes a partnership? A discussion with Lucas from
    Lucas serial entrepreneur and eCommerce veteran who is now handling strategic partnerships at - If you’re not familiar with Gorgias, it’s the multi-channel help desk for eCommerce which has been growing at astounding rates do in part to their focus on strategic partnerships early on. In this episode, I wanted to speak to Lucas […]
  • The State of SaaS Analytics and Reporting Services w/ founder of MashMetrics
    The purpose of this podcast is to share what's happening with data analytics and reporting from these perspectives:  What agencies should know about partnering with analytics tools and the delivery of analytics services to clients. What founders should know about the data providers and how support should be conducted for data services. And what other […]
  • Growing Channel Revenue by Connecting Agency Partners w/ Cory Snyder
    Cory is Head of Director of Global Channel Sales at Active Campaign where he oversees his channel team and 6000+ partners.  * This episode was recorded on video and we reference a graphic that can be found at Watch this episode on video there as well.  Stepping into a channel/partner management role with a […]
  • How Partner Teams can Attribute Referrals in TCMA and Channel Programs
    This episode is also a video-class in our course on building a partner program. To watch and see the visuals, head over to the school and join the course >> (use coupon code PODCAST for 50% off). What is TCMA? TCMA stands for through-channel marketing automation. Through-Channel Marketing is a system that enables organizations to […]
  • How Agency Partner Managers Choose Their Partners
    Today I am joined by Amanda Nielsen - former Partner Marketing Strategist at New Breed Agency - a Diamond-Tier Hubspot partner as well as reseller of Drift, Vidyard, Insight Squared and others. She grew New Breed’s partnerships by 400% in her time there and has spoken at the Inbound conference as well as taught a […]
  • Budget and KPIs for your Partner Program w/ Greg Greenberger
    In this episode, I am joined by Greg Greenberger, Partner Program Specialist at Signavio. Greg is with me to discuss  how to formalize an appropriate budget for your partner strategy, and what KPIs to focus on at each stage of growth. To view documents mentioned, enroll in the course Greg teaches a class in >>> […]
  • How Partner Teams can Attribute Referrals in TCMA and Channel Programs
    In this episode, I talk to the founder and VP of sales at xAmplfy - the platform for channel and partnerships teams which automates the way you engage and empower your partners. This recording is all about attribution in TCMA. If you are interested in this topic and are building-out a partner program as we […]