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20% lifetime rev share on all plans + 30-day free trial for your clients!

PushOwl is Shopify’s leading web push solution. Web push notification can add immediate additional revenue to any Shopify store!
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Why partner with Pushowl?

PushOwl provides Shopify stores with an additional communication channel to increase retention rate and improve conversions - without the need for an email address, phone number, or mobile application.

  • PushOwl is easy to sell, simple to use, and requires no installation Screen reader support enabled.
  • Web push is an underutilized marketing channel that can deliver awesome engagement results.
  • PushOwl has built a strong brand and high brand recognition in the Shopify ecosystem.
  • The highest-rated Shopify app without a single negative review (1700+ total reviews)!

You're In  Good Company

PushOwl is working with the largest Shopify Plus brands and is the go-to solution for best-in-class marketing and development agencies on the Shopify platform.

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FA Questions

How does tracking work? 

With each of our partners, we share a database of their referrals so we can both keep accurate track.

When do partners get paid?

Partners are paid quarterly through PayPal.

How do partners get paid?


Is commission recurring? If so, for how long?

Yes commission is recurring for the life of the client referral.