Scout is offering you the

We can take your customer data or enrich LinkedIn contacts and build a postcard campaign that includes unique images, unique text, and tracking like we did for Peerspace.

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About Scout and Their Offer

Since Scout does not publish their prices, the founder has agreed to allow us to offer you to the partner to mark-up their prices at your discretion and, so long as you maintain the relationship with the customer, get paid out forever at whatever markup you choose.

If you are shipping multiple campaigns, you can get a bulk discount from Scout and charge a higher rate to each of your  clients because of their lower volume.

  • Lead research + address enhancement.
  • 1-1 Personalized Postcard Strategy + Execution.
  • ROI Tracking via unique phone, URL, QR code, and more.

How To Become a Parnter

Email Jordan

Email Jordan

Get Prices

Jordan will provide a price for the campaign and your options.

Create your campaign

Scout will help you get the campaign going including design and tracking.

Add your customer info

You add your markup, work with your customer, and provide results to them.

Create your margins

Finally, create your margins and start sending!

Scout is offering the Freedom to DEFINE YOUR OWN PROFIT!

Are you ready to go?

We hope you agree this is an awesome offer to become a referral partner and start earning.