Let us train your agencies to become

Better Referral & Reseller Partners

We can customize our Agency MRR Academy to showcase how agencies can sell more retainer services based on your software implementation.

Have us train your agencies to sell packages requiring your software.

Here's how it works... 

Agencies can all become great resellers of software. But not without first building reselling into their culture and business model. And most will never get to that point without help. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. We choose the best retainers your current agencies sell around your software.
  2. We write a course outline that shows other agencies how to build these implementation and support retainers.
  3. We create support and sales collateral to give to the agencies so they can begin selling the new collateral day 1. 
  4. And it’s all published on Teachable through our academy so any agencies can view it.

awesome companies involved IN THIS AND OTHER COHORTS

“I found a couple of new partnerships from partnerprograms.io – our clients do not want to deal with management of all their various software products. Regardless of whether they login to a dashboard and see our logo or logo of our software partner, they don’t want the hassle of managing all the tools needed to grow their sales and marketing campaigns. Partnerships with the tools we know and love is a value-add my agency will continue to provide for our clients.”

Mike McDermott

President of Bashfoo

“Having a strategic partnership with leading vendors across the Sales and Marketing stack gives me a competitive advantage over other agencies. Building relationships with contacts within these companies ensures that our customers queries are dealt with faster and we’re often one of the first agencies to test new product features and releases.”

Mark Colgan


“Rachel was an invaluable asset to Dotdigital. A strategic thinker, she found creative ways to open up revenue opportunities and incentivize clients to adopt our solution. Building off a strong roadmap, we were able to pursue mutually beneficial prospects that we could predict would have a high rate of conversion. Her forward-thinking and unconventional approach stood out among premier partners and was one of the key reasons for our success. I highly recommend anyone considering working with her for her incredible work ethic, insightfulness and overall warm and charismatic personality.”

Martin Gilman

Marketing Lead, Dotdigital

This is the most most valuable training you can provide partners.

Let me explain why...

Alex_Glenn (4)
Alex Glenn
Founder of Partner Programs

Founder of PartnerPrograms.io & Automated.af - Alex has built 3 agencies from the ground up - each with separate value propositions, successful retainer services and saas partnerships bringing in recurring revenue. His role will be help you with your tech stack and vetting software partnerships.