The most extensive review and analysis of

What, why and how of Agency-Tech Partnerships

This data-set was comprised over 4 months of interviewing agencies from around the globe on how they work with tech partners.

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Here's what's inside this data set:


Data points

We asked each of these agencies 31 questions about everything from how they bill for new client software needs, to how, why and what tech they are partnered with. These questions were crowd-sourced from our tech partner teams, so they are very relevant to partner strategy.


Total answers

Those answers generated a database over 1700 cells and counting. These are the cells our team has to generate correlations between so that your team can apply learnings to your agency partner strategy for 2020.


Agency Types

We made sure to open this survey up to all agency types -receiving submissions from agencies 7 continents, and of sizes ranging from 1-250 employees. The questions were vertical and type-agnostic, so they are applicable to any agency. 

Table of contents:

  1. Intro to the state of agency-partnerships.
    • Objective views and hypotheses from each of us.
  2. The “napkin math”:
    • The percentage of the agencies surveyed sell retainers which require at least one new software license for each client.
    • How many of those agencies are partnered with those software included in new retainers.
    • Average time from the join date do agencies choose to partner with their technology.
    • The percentage of tools agency partner with that are used for both internal and client needs.
  3. Correlations from pivot tables:
    • The correlation between agency size and partnership value.
    • The correlation between retainers and retainers that require new software licenses?
    • The correlation between retainer services and partnering with technology.
    • Correlations between agencies that purchase software on behalf of clients and number of referrals they send to their favorite software.
  4. What the data suggests:
    • Why do agencies turn away from partnerships offers.
    • The true “incentives” for partnering with technology.
    • How most agencies prefer to setup new client accounts.

Here's a sample of the data set:

*Note: only tech companies who reserve their category with us gain access to the raw data. But we will produce and send you the final analysis and conclusions if you opt-in below:

Here are the instructors:

Here’s the team of agency leaders and experts who have helped gather and analyze this data for you.

Alex_Glenn (2)

Alex Glenn

CEO, Partnerprograms

Alex Glenn has the majority of these calls himself where he fills in our comprehensive form to be analyzed by the team.

clodagh higgins

Clodagh Higgins


Clodagh is no stranger to agency partnerships (formally working on Hubspot's agency program). She will be presenting interesting takeaways.


Alex Zachman


Alex is leading the deeper analysis of this continuous dataset with his team at Old North Collective - an agency well-known for their research services.


Christopher DePerno

Professor, NC State

Dr. Christopher S. DePerno earned a B.S. from Central Michigan University, a M.S. from Purdue University, and a Ph.D. from South Dakota State University. He is the Vice-President of Research and Design with Old North Collective and focuses on business process and analyses, brand management, customer satisfaction, and pricing studies.


The report will be available April 7th, then updated and re-sent with fresh data-analysis every 3 months.

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