The Best SaaS Partnerships for B2B Agencies

best saas partner programs

There are a lot of SaaS companies out there that offer some level of partnership to B2B Agencies, but not all partner programs are created equally. Here are 9 best Saas Partnerships for B2B Agencies that we’ve found:

1. Unbounce

What is Unbounce:
Unbounce helps marketers build high converting landing pages, popups, and sticky bars. No need for a developer – you can do it all yourself!

Their offer:
Unbounce offers a 1-month free trial + 20% off the first 3 paid months.

What Unbounce does:

  • Landing Pages
  • Popups & Sticky Bars
  • Hundreds of integrations

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2. PandaDoc

What is PandaDoc:
PandaDoc empowers your sales team to create, send, track, and eSign beautiful proposals, quotes, and contracts.

Their offer:
PandaDoc is offering 10% off any plan + 25% recurring commission.

What PandaDoc does:

  • Design (professional-looking, engaging, interactive documents)
  • Fast document creation / streamlined workflow (templates, integrates with CRMs)
  • Quick and easy customization (tokens/data merge from CRM, content library)
  • Recipient analytics

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What is is an advanced, all-in-one marketing and sales automation software. We help businesses streamline internal processes and automate personal messaging via email, chat and other forms.

Their offer: is offering partners the ability to earn 25% or 45% commission by referring to or assisting with implementation on

What does:

  • Triggered event-based messaging
  • Comprehensive chat features
  • Gorgeous website chat interface
  • Deep user tracking and analytics

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4. PixelMe

What is PixelMe:
PixelMe’s marketing platform lets you measure your attribution across channels, track ROI, and get a clear view of all your acquisition efforts.

Their offer:
PixelMe is offering 20% off any subscription & 30% of every sale made.

What PixelMe does:

  • Marketing attribution
  • URL shortener
  • Link retargeting
  • UTM builder

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5. Salesflare

What is Salesflare:
Salesflare is like Pipedrive without the typing. It’s easy to use, visual, and pulls in emails, meetings, email signatures, and social data to keep your customer data up to date automatically.

Their offer:
Salesflare is offering partners a free trial + 50% off for 3 months + 30% of every sale made.

What Salesflare does:

  • Fully automated contact and company info
  • Automatic logging of meetings and phone calls
  • A handy document folder per customer

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6. Fomo

What is Fomo:
Fomo increases trust, traffic, and sales with social proof automation.

Their offer:
Fomo is offering 35% ongoing revenue share forever for all of your referrals.

What Fomo does:

  • Show almost any live social proof data
  • Styling to control every element
  • Transform data as you wish

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7. 99Designs

What is 99Designs:
99Designs’ whitelabel presentation tool allows you share designs with clients under your own brand and aggregate feedback right to designers after approving it.

Their offer:
99Designs is offering $200 in free design credits.

What 99Designs does:

  • Scalable on-demand design solution with over 1.6 million designers in over 90 categories
  • Privacy features (unindexed projects and designer NDAs)
  • Whitelabel presentation feature

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8. Scout

What is Scout:
Scout can take your customer data or enrich LinkedIn contacts and build a postcard campaign that includes unique images, unique text, and tracking.

Their offer:
Scout is offering you the ability to define your own profit and mark-up prices at your own discretion.

What Scout does:

  • Lead research + address enhancement
  • 1-1 personalized postcard strategy + execution
  • ROI tracking via unique phone, URL, QR code, and more

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9. Interseller

What is Interseller:
Interseller allows you to find email addresses and send automated emails all in one platform.

Their offer:
Interseller is offering 1 month free + 100 free lookups + $100 per referral

What Interseller does:

  • Lets you source your own contacts using Interseller’s Chrome extension
  • Add candidates into an email sequence to automate a series of personalized emails
  • Synchronize all your contacts and communication using dozens of integrations

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