The State of SaaS Analytics and Reporting Services w/ founder of MashMetrics [Podcast]

white-label analytics and reporting services

The purpose of this podcast is to share what’s happening with data analytics and reporting from these perspectives: 

  • What agencies should know about partnering with analytics tools and the delivery of analytics services to clients.
  • What founders should know about the data providers and how support should be conducted for data services.
  • And what other data platforms should understand about the products available and how they integrate with current agency systems.

In this episode, I’m joined the Founder of – a Databox and Supermetrics partner white-labeling analytics services for other agencies. This class is the premise for a course Thomas put together for us on how to run these services: Bosilevac is our guest today on this subject because he: 

  • Founded a marketing analytics services agency responsible for over $1M in direct billings. 
  • Created a Measurement Plan Workshop to identify OKRs (KPIs) that make a bottom-line impact
  • Lead projects to integrate online and offline data sources including Google Marketing Suite (Analytics, Tag Manager, Ads, etc.), Adobe Analytics, Amplitude, MixPanel, Segment, SalesForce, HubSpot, FaceBook, AdRoll, and many more.
  • Automated Reporting and Performance Monitoring to quickly point to areas to grow or improve.

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