What constitutes a partnership? A discussion with Lucas from Gorgias.com

Gorgias Partnerships

Lucas Walker is a serial entrepreneur and eCommerce veteran who is now handling strategic partnerships at Gorgias.com – If you’re not familiar with Gorgias, it’s the multi-channel help desk for eCommerce which has been growing at astounding rates do in part to their focus on strategic partnerships early on. 

In this episode, I wanted to speak to Lucas about these key aspects of his role: 

  • Discovering what your partners really want.
  • What it takes to sell into an influencer’s stack.
  • What a true partnership looks like.
  • How to identify who your actual partners are.
  • Hear about a strategy Lucas uses to break into the key partner .accounts he is after.
  • How to focus on your top performing partners.
  • Maintain the steering wheel so to speak in the partnership.
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